Selected Qualifications for Museums and Corporate
Market and Financial Feasibility for a
200,000 Square Foot
Academy Awards Museum
in Hollywood
Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and

Market Analysis and Attendance
Projections for
The Museum of Neon Art
The Museum of Neon Art

Market and Financial Feasibility for
The Farm Museum
at the Mill
in Santa Paula California
Museum of Ventura County

Market and Financial Feasibility
OPT Expansion at
The South Carolina
State Museum
South Carolina State Museum

Strategy for Future Viability Market and
Economic Analysis
Battle Creek
Community Assets
Battle Creek Unlimited

Projected Attendance & Operating
Pro Forma for the
Aquarium of the Americas
Audubon Park Commission

Economic Impact of
The Umbrellas in California
– Joint Project for Japan & USA
California Arts Council

Preliminary Concept & Feasibility Analysis
Museum of
American Veterans
Institute for the Study of American Wars
Market and Financial Feasibility for a
Starbucks Attraction
in Seattle
Starbucks Coffee

Attendance, Admission Fee and Per
Capita Spending Projections for the
Pequot Museum and
Research Center
Mashantucket Pequot Indian Tribe

Market and Financial Feasibility for
READI 1 – A Safety
Readiness Museum
in Silver Springs Maryland
BKSK Architects

Market and Financial Feasibility
for a Proposed
Animation Museum in
North Hollywood
Los Angeles Community
Redevelopment Agency

Business Plan – Market & Financial
Feasibility for the
San Manuel Cultural
& Entertainment Center
San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

Concept Development & Market/
Financial Feasibility –
County of Ventura
Chief Administration Office

Economic Impact of the Proposed
Hollywood Entertainment
Hollywood Entertainment Museum

Attendance & Financial Projections for the
Expanded Bowers Museum
Bowers Museum
Consulting and Market / Financial
Feasibility Testing for the
World of Coca Cola and
the Center for Civil
and Human Rights
Richardson Development Group

Market and Financial Feasibility of an
Amphitheater in Lewston, NY for
Artpark and Company
State of New York Park System

Strategic Assessment and Policy
Recommendations for Development of
Arts, Culture and
Entertainment Assets in
Downtown Miami
Miami Downtown Development Authority

Market Research and
Financial Feasibility Analysis –
“Hurricane Warning!”
City of Deerfield Beach, Florida

Market Assessment for Expansion of
CNN Studio Tour
& Turner Experience
Turner Sports & Entertainment

Concept Development
& Market Support for
an Attraction in Fillmore
City of Fillmore

Market and Financial Feasibility,
Three Portland Museums
Barry Howard Limited